Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Mia Speicher

We are the first ones to understand when parents come to us with concerns about getting their child started in modeling.  It is an intimidating industry that is notorious for having people trying to scam the uninformed out of their money and sometimes away from their moral code.  Stacey and Shayna Eastman (President and COO of Pulse Management), and not only a husband and wife team, they are parents to six lovely children, so they fully understand all of the responsibility that comes with parenting.  It is also why they don't take the responsibility lightly when it comes to managing a model.

As you will hear in the video below, we waited quite awhile to finally do a test shoot with Mia.  It took five years (FIVE!), from when we first scouted Mia in Colorado for her to come and do a test shoot with us.  We patiently waited and answered and questions and concerns that they had, and finally we are able to get this girl's career going!

We didn't know if we were ever going to get a chance to work with this beautiful young woman, and we are thrilled that we are now managing her!  Good things come to those who wait, and Mia we are so excited to get going with your career.

Mia and her Mom


Pictures from her Dolls Shoot with Timothy Rosado

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Katie Isenbarger

One of our favorite things about our Dolls Test Shoots is meeting our new models and finding out where they are from and what made them decide to have us do their test shoots, and eventually manage their careers.  Katie and her mom Jill, joined us at our last shoot from Indiana.  She is stunning in person, and her shoot with Timothy Rosado was nothing short of amazing in our opinion.

We also loved hearing about how, like Ava and her mom mentioned yesterday, the trip to NYC was good for their relationship and they were enjoying spending time together.  Not to mention when we notice or hear about our models becoming friends with each other it makes us so happy!  There are so many instances and portrayals of women being competitive with each other and seeing each other as "the enemy", we love seeing even teenage girls evolve past that and develop friendships with other new models.  These friendships will prove to be meaningful and so helpful throughout their careers because they can relate to the unique and exciting lifestyle that modeling comes with.

Thanks for joining us Katie, we are looking forward to managing you!

Katie and Jill
Some of Katie's Polaroids

Images of Katie by Timothy Rosado

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Ava Becker

We just wrapped up another Dolls Model Management shoot in New York City and to say we are excited about the new models we photographed is a huge understatement.  We are going to dedicate blog posts the next few days to introduce you to some of our new faces.  

First up is the stunning Ava, who we discovered in Kansas.  In the video below she and her mom share how they were scouted, and their experiences with Pulse Management.  We know that a lot of people who read our blog are interested in modeling, so we want to share with you our new models' experiences in their own words.  

Before the models start their photoshoots we take some polaroids of them, and then they get to work with the insanely talented photographer, Timothy Rosado.  Timothy and his hair and make up team work their magic on the models, and then they send us the finished images, and they are incredible.  

We loved Ava's polaroids, and her pictures from Timothy show us that she has so much potential in modeling.  We are looking forward to managing this beauty because we can see her having an exciting career ahead.

As a side note, we loved in the video when Ava and her mom mentioned that they loved the photoshoot and trip to New York together as bonding time.  At Pulse Management we are really invested in our models, and not just as working models, but as people.  We know they are young men and women with families and other interests, and we don't take that lightly.  Hearing that our photoshoot helps bring family members closer together is just the icing on the cake for us!

Video of Ava and her mother

A Sample of Ava's Polaroids

Some of Ava's Images from her Dolls Shoot with Timothy Rosado

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hannah Matthiesen in Vogue

For today's Major Moment Monday we are going back to December 2011 when Pulse Model Hannah Matthiessen appeared in British Vogue. Alexander McQueen's lead designer Sarah Burton was being featured in a piece and Hannah was cast as the model to appear in the photo alongside the designer.  If you remember, Burton catapulted to stardom after she designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress, while newly at the helm of McQueen.  This Vogue article was a huge moment for both Burton and our model Hannah.

We discovered Hannah in her hometown in Oregon, and her career took off quickly.  One highlight was when she was one of two models selected for a private showing of a designer's line for Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief of Vogue).  I can't even imagine how exciting and nerve-wracking that must have been!

We look back on this Vogue feature and are still so proud to see one of our models in a feature of such a talented and respected designer.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Congrats Ashland!

Ashland Wendlandt now has her own profile on! As we have mentioned previously, having a profile on is a major milestone in any model's career because you have to be selected to be included amongst the other top tier of working high fashion models. We think that Ashland's recent work for Dior (as we chronicled HERE, HERE, and HERE) are more than enough to get her a profile on, and we're glad that we aren't the only ones!  You can see Ashland's profile HERE.  Congrats Ashland, we can't wait to help you start filling up that page with jobs!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feeling Nostalgic with Natalie Keyser

The other day on Facebook I saw the above picture and the following post from our model Natalie Keyser:

"So I'm packing up my apartment and I dropped a heavy box. Turns out it's all my modeling pictures. There must be at least 500 pictures here and these aren't even including my last NYC trip or Mexico trip or half of my jobs...considering I haven't even seen all of my work. I'm proud of myself. I had a wonderful career."

Seeing that pile of pictures had me thinking about all of the blog posts I have written about this talented young woman over the years, and all of the pictures posted.  To see more about the amazing things Natalie accomplished in her career click HERE.  You deserve to be proud of yourself Nat, we are proud of everything we accomplished together, and thank our lucky stars that our scout found you so many years ago.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Corey Scott for Von Dutch

Corey Scott looks as handsome as ever in this picture we found of his campaign for Von Dutch.  Corey is perfectly cast in this ad, and Von Dutch is trying to raise brand awareness with it's slogan "Von Dutch is still alive", and we can't think of a better model to prove to everyone that it is still a hot brand!  Keep up the good work Corey, we have a feeling this won't be the last time you see yourself in a wall sized advertisement!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Videos of One of Our New Faces


Man oh man we find the most amazing girls in Minnesota.  First we found our superstar Liz Kennedy there, and next up we have the stunning Hazel Eakman.  Hazel did a test shoot with Dolls a few months ago, and she is currently in NYC working with our partner Fusion Model Management.  She recently shot these videos with Shane Suban, and they are simply perfect.  We are looking forward to seeing great things from Hazel, and we can't wait make it happen!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Dolls Shoot in NYC

Stacey and Shayna Eastman are wrapping up a whirlwind weekend in New York City where we had our latest Dolls Test Shoot.  We moved the Dolls Shoots to New York City a few months ago and so far we are loving meeting our new models in NYC.  Being in New York also is beneficial because we can meet up with our models that are working in the city, and we can meet up with our partners at Fusion.  This weekend was filled with a lot of work, a lot of laughs, and left us all feeling excited about some of the new faces we signed!  

Madison, Georgia and Hazel with Stacey

 Shayna with our models
Stacey and some of the new models in the Fusion Office

Friday, July 17, 2015

We Love Natalie Keyser!

A few days ago Stacey Eastman, President of Pulse Management, received the sweetest texts from one of our models.  Natalie Keyser, one of our more successful models as you can see HERE, said the following:

"...I wanted to thank you again for seeing me when no else did and believing in me. I don't know where in life I would have been without those amazing life experiences. It's because of you. You believed in me and never stopped. You have no idea how grateful I am that you actually cared enough to always push me forward into doing something that I loved. I miss it sometimes, very much. And I know that I'll never be able to go back, but knowing that you cared enough about me and my family to push me and listen even when I was annoying, I just can't thank you enough for those life experiences. You'll always be my favorite agent and a wonderful friend. I can just never thank you enough for what you did for me. I'm not sure I ever told you all of that. But you are an amazing person in my life and a great role model. I'll never forget what you have done for me and I just hope that you're forever in my life. I love you and your family Stacey. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I will forever be grateful."

We discovered Natalie and started her modeling career when she was only 12 years old and managed her for about a decade.  When a model signs with us she becomes not only a part of our roster of models, but she becomes like family to us.  We are forever grateful to you Natalie, for trusting us with your career and helping you develop into the beautiful woman you are today.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nashville Tribute Band Concert

Calling all Oregonians, Pulse Management is sponsoring an event for the Community Food Bank.  It will be a FREE concert in Grants Pass with The Nashville Tribute Band on Saturday, August 1st at 7:00 pm PST.  For those who aren't familiar with The Band, they are a Christian Music group that has been on Billboard's Top 10 Christian albums, and they have played more than 1,000 shows, so even if you aren't a big Christian Music fan, you will still see a great band playing live.  In lieu of tickets, we ask that you bring canned food as a donation to the Community Food Bank.  This will be a family-friendly event, so please bring your whole family and enjoy the music!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

London Ladies

City of London consider yourself warned, our Pulse Girls are in full effect and ready to take on the fashion world!  Olivia Hamilton, Sophia Skloss, and Liz Kennedy are all in London right now, and we are loving seeing pics of our girls (from three different states) hanging out together halfway around the world.  These three are some of the most promising models we have ever represented and we are excited to see what comes from this trip for each of them.  As always we will keep you updated, so keep checking back!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alex Romney in Turkey

You all may remember our model Alex Romney from this post and this one.  We discovered Alex in her homestate of Utah, she shot her test shoot with Dolls Model Management in Hollywood, and now is off in Europe for the summer to model.  She recently sent us the video below of her in Turkey, and we love seeing what she is up to.  When our models have to opportunities to travel we love to see them trying to learn more about the cultures they are in, and seeing the sights.  These models are seeing the world, and we love being able to facilitate these experiences for them.


Monday, July 13, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Ashland in the Dior Haute Couture Show

Video from the official @Dior instagram

Last week we posted a teaser of when our girl, Ashland Wendlandt, walked in the Dior Haute Couture show, but now we have more pictures and details for all of you.  The Haute Couture shows in Paris are as high fashion as they come, and this Dior Fall 2015 Couture show did not disappoint.  It was held at the Musee Rodin, and many of the most important people in fashion were sitting front row. I can't emphasize enough what a big deal this show was!

You may remember that a few weeks ago Ashland walked in the Dior Tokyo show, and she made such an impression that she was then cast (Exclusive) in this Couture show in Paris.  Not bad for a model that we discovered in Wisconsin!  We love the backstage pictures that her mom sent us, it is always a treat to see somethings that most people aren't privy to.

Ashland, you are amazing and we are so proud of you!

photo from

photo from

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sophia Skloss on!

It's a big accomplishment for any model, and we are so proud of Sophia Skloss for now having her own profile on  We have written about it before, but basically is the go to site for modeling industry news.  You can't create your own profile on the site, they will create one for you when they think you have distinguished yourself amongst the many models trying to make it in the industry.  From now on, all of Sophia's jobs will be chronicled on her profile, and she is recognized with the top models in the industry.  Huge congrats Sophia, now lets fill that profile with some jobs!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Liz Kennedy for Japanese Elle Magazine

Do you all remember last year when we posted THIS to share with you our excitement over Liz Kennedy's Elle Japan editorial?  Well, we finally came across another picture from the editorial and we had to share it with you.  I can't decide what is more stunning in this picture, Liz, her Valentino dress, or the sandy scenery?  Good thing I don't have to.  I'll just keep gazing at these photos, and I don't think I'll be the only one!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bon Voyage Ashland and Jen!

Hopefully you all remember Ashland Wendlandt, our model from Wisconsin.  Since we discovered her and launched her career she has traveled to Los Angeles, New York (multiple times), Japan, and now she is in Paris where she walked in a show for Dior! (We'll update you more about that soon) Ashland's awesome mom Jen (who is also a scout for Pulse Mgmt), has been by her side for all of these trips.  Ashland is so lucky to have not only a management team that is looking out for her best interest,e but a mother who is willing to put her own life on hold to help her daughter pursue her dreams.  Granted they are both traveling to some incredible places, but it is not without some sacrifices (including missing her son's High School Graduation).  We are so grateful not only for the parents of our models trusting us with their son/daughter's careers, but for the things they willingly give up in order to support their children.   

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tori Praver with Chanel Iman for Dennis Basso

Yesterday we blogged about Pulse Management discovery Tori Praver and her three covers of Elle Italia.  In case you are wondering what she is up to now, she recently landed the Dennis Basso F/W 15 ad campaign alongside Chanel Iman.  You may know of the designer Dennis Basso because two of our models walked in his latest runway show, as we documented here.  

A Dennis Basso campaign is a big deal in the fashion world, previous models who have been in his campaigns are Coco Rocha, Naomi Campbell and the incomparable Iman.  The campaign had an article about it on WWD that you can read HERE.  Congrats Tori, we are looking forward to seeing more pics from the campaign when they are released.

Monday, July 6, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Tori Praver Covers Elle Magazine THREE TIMES

For today's Major Moment Monday we are highlighting Tori Praver's THREE covers of Elle Italia.  Getting a cover of a magazine is exciting, but can you imagine landing three covers of not just any magazine, of an Elle Magazine?  This was and still is huge, and we are excited all over again just writing about it. Below are some of the photos from the accompanying editorials from these cover shoots.

We discovered Tori in Hawaii and then launched her modeling career.  She has gone on to become not only one of our most successful models, but she is a swimwear designer, and a wife and mother.  It's hard to imagine what she would be up to now if we never scouted her, but we are so glad we did!