Friday, January 30, 2009

Pulse MGMT New Star

Bethany Whithed, from Utah, is a star!
Watch what we do for her!

Its raining supermodels in the Pacific North West

Another new star on the rise from Seattle!
April Martin we are expecting great things.

Jeff Johnson's New Office SOSALA

Yo everyone Jeff Johnson, the largest casting director for major motion pictures and TV commercials, has officially opened next door to our Utah office and is slated to shoot many feature films in 09. If interested in acting and film /TV you should truly attend his events:

Contact Tye Nelson at

Jeff Johnson Casting,

2150 S. Main st. suite 102

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Natalie Keyser

Pulse MGMT Natalie Keyser super model, from Bend Oregon, goes big! We just
launched her to London where she will d├ębut for fashion week!

Coco Rocha & Dree Hemingway

Dear friend and supermodel Dree Hemingway Fashion show week 09 and legendary super super super model Coco Rocha's fashion week cards for 09

Ali Stephens and Natalie Keyser

Pulse MGMT's Ali Stephens, from Utah, and Natalie Keyser, from Oregon, dominate Fashion show week Feb 09

Ali Stephens

Natalie Keyser

More Hannah Holman

Stacey Eastman's superstar Hannah Holman, from Utah, in Austria and New
Zealand catching waves and making bank!

Hannah Holman

Pulse MGMT superstar Hannah Holman, from Utah, headed to London this week for
fashion week and to take it by storm! Cheers!

Kendall Forman

Pulse MGMT 6 foot super star Kendall Forman, from Nevada, taking on out land

Danna Lee

Pulse MGMT supermodel Danna Lee, from Utah, knocking hard in New Zealand and