Saturday, February 14, 2009

NBA super star Thural Bailey

Stacey Eastman heading the Huntington Utah Charity Chapter for kids.

David James Wintzer

We gave away a pair of the skis as an award to a none sponsored athlete.

I got 9th overall out of 105 and received the 5th spot onto the world freeskiing tour as a pre-qualified athlete.

As for the skis go, short background... I took out a loan for 10K designed the park city edition ski (the city park) made 50 pairs, I have sold 47 pairs already. 90% of the profits go to support my season on the world tour and 10% of the profits go to support 25 women I work with in Kenya, doing micro-finance (giving out small loans and teaching them good business practices). I have also planned to give 10% of my podium profits to these women as well.

XSports David Wintzer on the podium at world Xtreme ski championships where he placed 5th.

Charity HD

Pulse MGMT/Elite models is very honored to host a very special event for charity HD. Learn more about this tragic
disease and how you can help: @

Charity HD Invitation

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daryn Edmunds

Chris York

Congrats to Pulse MGMT male model/actor Chris York for booking the role of Ryan in the major motion picture "Frozen" filming at Powder MT. Resort in Utah. Wait to see what we do for him this season in fashion!