Friday, January 1, 2010

Model Advice

*People always ask us - Do you need to get a portfolio and or images?

*Answer: NO not to get an agent or manager interested in you EVER! However you DO need one to get a job or jobs from clients all over the world! Period.

*Some clients will "ADVANCE" others will suggest people that can put it togethor or figuer it out on your own? Either way must be a very strong representaion of you after all this is literaly your global resume.

**@ Pulse Mgmt we simpley do not just submitt you to agents or agencies like other "managers" or so called "agents" do. We book you the jobs and place you with our many patners and alliances such as elite, ford, trump, one ,women marylin and and many others around the world.

*Do we "Advance for a Portfolio?"

Answer: NO, Here's Why: Actually every model around the world PAY for thier own book its either upfront and they own it and the rights of usage or the agency that advances owns it. The rights and usages are in control of that manager, agency until the "Advance" is paid back. Either way YOU end up PAYING. Do not be fooled by an "ADVANCE" it's like a Credit Card! Worse yet you allow a manager and or agency to "Advance"for your book and you agree to pay it off out of or from the jobs they get you, you also throw your morals and standards right out the window potentially. The agency you have made this agreement with will push you for any and all jobs until PAID BACK or wait till your 18 and parents are out of the loop and then really start to push you and with a MASSIVE ADVANCE and or DEBIT that must be PAID BACK NOW whether you end up working or don't you Pay It Back. Again it's a Credit Card. Let alone your school activities , grades, tests, sports that may get in the way of a job. Bottom line ADVANCES are great if you do not want to monitor your debit that any agency can charge and DO Charge let alone compromise your morals and ethics, because the deal you made was and is to pay it back from work they get you! The industry is full of it. Better to be in control then having someone else "Being out of control with your image let alone your bank account or credit card" Think about it people you are they PAY either way YOU END UP PAYING!

*Bottom Line why dont you just take it from two of the worlds most powerful models ever!

*DISCOVERED: Crawford was discovered by a local photographer while a student at DeKalb High School. At age 17, she was a finalist in Elite Model Management’s Look of the Year Competition Pulse Mgmt's Exclusive Partner and still went on to graduate as valedictorian of her class. Read what what Cindy says about a book:

"Agencies will give you the straight talk and let you know the best photographer for a test shoot. This will cost some money, but dont keep throwing money into it.! I'm not a big advocate of modeling schools. They will always take your money, even if they don't see any real potential."

*DISCOVERED: In 1991, Tyra was just weeks away from starting her freshman year at college when she was turned down by four agencies before Elite snatched up the 17-year-old. Instead of school, she headed to Paris for fashion shows.. Tyra has a personal crusade against modeling agencies that charge upfront fees. We agree, However listen to Tyra and Gal Pal say that you do need a book you should be paying a make up team and a photographer. As we are the only exclusive partner to elite models whom has appread on Americas Next Top Model more than any other agency ever!

*Do you need to go to a modeling school?: NO

Answer: We belive Cindy answers this best! If you need to know how to move and the busniess
side of the busniess manageing your body and image.

We have created the MODEL CONFRENCE, Held in each city every month we
. Bringing the best of the best to teach you all that you need to know. and or send you to one of many partners around the world and they will. Bottom line nothing like learning it from DOING IT!

*How do I maintain healthy weight and diet? /What is the proper exercise I should be doing? /Hair, should I cut it? Dye it? / How do I get and or maintain perfect skin?

Answer: Outside Pulse Mgmt Health and Wellness consultant expert Barb
Sue (760) 687-6268
: It's all in the Science! Scientific Advisory Board

*Is personality that important?

Answer: Yes it's everything


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Openness is a general appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, and variety of experience. The trait distinguishes imaginative people from down-to-earth, conventional people. People who are open to experience are intellectually curious, appreciative of art, and sensitive to beauty. They tend to be, compared to closed people, more creative and more aware of their feelings. They are more likely to hold unconventional beliefs.

People with low scores on openness tend to have more conventional, traditional interests. They prefer the plain, straightforward, and obvious over the complex, ambiguous, and subtle. They may regard the arts and sciences with suspicion, regarding these endeavors as uninteresting. Some self-statements pertaining to openness include: