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Not all get it! Not all make it?

We repect the ones that DO!
Good by Steven you will be missed!

"I am sorry to give this news to you, but I am officially giving up on my dream as a world wide fashion artist.

I am truly sorry. Please tell Stacey I have the utmost respect for him and his ways of making people infamous, it's just not the path for me. I have appreciated and embraced every experience your company and skills have givin me, but my life needs something more formed and I need to start a life that is sadly more boring but has more room for a "plan B," not everyone makes it, right.. ;) I want you to know that I really appreciate all of the opportunities you guys have givin me and I hope the best for you all.

You guys are truly inspiring, your words and encouragement mean more to people than you can ever fathom. I can't tell you how many times I came to auditions and saw the look of hope and awe in the girls eyes, that maybe they could be "the next big thing." and it's a really good feeling to be surrounded by high spirited people.

Everyone can say whatever they want about talent agencies, buy it takes a professional to understand one. And you guys are professionals. Thanks for everything!"

With ALL respects and greatest wishes,
Steve Bates

"Steve you will be missed but thank you for your kind words and truly getting our passion and desires for all that we feel! You have what it takes in some part of our big blue wonderful world. You are and will be a success at whatever you do!"

-Respects Pulse Mgmt


With Alessandra and Anja

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"Much respect and "LOVE "for Richard myself " - Stacey Eastman: Pulse Mgmt

Thanks for what you have done past, present and future with Pulse Mgmt's Hannah Holman and many other!

Which models have you represented, past and present?

Jeny Howorth, Leslie Winer, Roberta Chriko, Renee Simonsen, Rachel Williams, Kirsten Owen, Claudia Schiffer, Stella Tennant, Honor Fraser, Amy Wesson, Helena Christensen, Emma Balfour, Yasmeen Ghauri, Milla Jovovich, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bunchen, Carolyn Park, Noemie Lenoir, Mini Anden, Riley Keough, Yasmin Le Bon, Dree Hemingway, Susan Eldridge, Caitriona Balfe, Laura Morgan, Dewi, Alice Temple, Michelle Hicks, Hannah Holman, Julia Nobis, Caroline Brasch Neilsen.

Tell me about a few of them
– The most amazing energy. She would walk into the agency and lift it up, talking ten to the dozen. She makes you want to live.

Alessandra – The first model I was given to look after when I arrived at Elite in 1999. She and I have grown up together and I still get thrilled when I watch her work on set. As a model she is perfection.

Hannah Holman – Hannah comes from another planet to me, she was raised in the wilderness in Utah. She has that total connection when she looks into that lens. Beautiful, innocent, dangerous and sensual, she leaves the viewer wanting more.

Ana Beatriz – One of the original Brasilian wave, she started out with Elite Model Look. She is 6′3″ in heels, with a heart of gold and an English sense of humour. I defy any straight man not to quiver in her presence.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pulse Mgmt McKenzi Hendricks, from Oregon, in NY !

Watch for major breaking story on all press about Pulse Mgmt's supermodel

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Lisa Hong, Head of PR


Utah Model Hannah Holman Achieves International Success

Salt Lake City, Utah (April 1, 2010)---Hannah Holman an 18-year-old model from Leamington, Utah breaks into the world of international fashion. During the last editorial season she was photographed by some of the top fashion photographers for luxury brands such as Miu Miu, Burberry, See by Chloe, Alexander Wang and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

In June of 2009 Hannah walked the Miu Miu resort show, and soon after was booked for the Fall/Winter 2009 Miu Miu ad campaign. Miu Miu, a line by Miuccia Prada, in the past has used Katie Holmes and Vanessa Paradis in their ads.

“The Miu Miu campaign was definitely when I felt like I made it,” says Holman. “At first I didn’t know what it was, we don’t have Miu Miu in Utah. My agency told me that I broke through, and now looking back I realize that was the moment for me.”

After the Miu Miu campaign Hannah had a string of successful bookings, including most models’ dream job, a Marc Jacobs campaign.

“Hannah has had so many important bookings lately,” says Stacey Eastman, President of Pulse Management who discovered Hannah and launched her in the modeling industry. “Each and every job since last September has been strategically built on each other to take her from obscurity to superstar. Marc Jacobs was her biggest to date, that was a ‘Wow!’ moment.”

Currently Hannah Holman is in Paris, doing follow up work from last month’s fashion week. In Paris, Hannah walked runways for Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, Giles (Deacon) and many more.

“Modeling can be really lonely,” Holman says, “but during fashion week it is fun because you are constantly around people you know, so there is always something to do.”

When Hannah first started modeling, the successes were fewer and much farther between. She was scouted and quickly signed by Stacey Eastman of Pulse Management. For six months, nothing happened and then she signed with Elite Model Management in New York, the partner of Pulse Management.

“I knew Hannah was truly amazing,” Eastman says. “She is on the shorter side, but with her face and personality, I just knew she was going to be successful.”

While she was finishing up high school, Hannah was flying back and forth to New York for modeling jobs, including an American Eagle campaign and modeling work for Urban Outfitters.

“This girl needs to be a supermodel,” is what Doll Wright, Head of New Faces at Elite Model Management in New York recalls of her first impression of Hannah. “Her outstanding and infectious personality, along with her flawless face make Hannah the model that everyone wants to work with, this is what makes a successful model.”

Modeling was a bit of a waiting game for Holman. Although Eastman wanted to push her for high fashion work, the market did not take to her at first.

“I kept feeding her to the market,” Eastman says. “When you believe and truly care about a client, you never stop. Time does not matter, it’s the end result. Thank goodness I am not wrong about Hannah though, now we are six years into working together, and six years is a long time to be wrong! My strategy is to send your girl to other strong markets, knowing those markets as to not over-saturate with her before she is ready for her potential.”

One of her favorite places to travel was Australia. Elite sent her there for three months, and during that time in between jobs, she went to the beach, and even she ran with kangaroos.

Despite her exciting lifestyle, Hannah says she misses her native Utah. “I miss the landscape in Utah and the lifestyle,” says Hannah. “When I come home I love to ride horses, go camping, spend time by a fire and hang out outdoors on the farm.”

“It allowed her to be real!” says Eastman about Hannah’s Utah upbringing. “Coming from a small town, but with goals and dreams, she has learned to work hard for everything she has. It also has taught her that friends and family are what really matters in life. Home is home, it is her stability and strength.”

Wright also says being from Utah has been beneficial for Hannah. “I feel passionate about models from Utah. They are hard working and have a magical glint in their eye.”

When she comes back to Utah Holman says she does not get recognized outside of her hometown. “I was recognized more when I did American Eagle, because that store is so popular in Utah.”

If she were not a model, Hannah says she would be in college studying to be a criminal pathologist of a psychologist. Both career paths inspired by her affinity for programs like CSI.

Eastman thinks it will be a while before Hannah’s modeling career cools off. “This girl can achieve whatever she wants. Truly we have made our mark now that she has so many opportunities out there. Wait to see her break into film!”

Pulse Management was created as a management firm, born of President and CEO Stacey Eastman’s twenty-plus years of experience. We operate all over the world with offices in South Salt Lake, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. Pulse manages top supermodels, Ali Stephens, Hye Rim Park, Hannah Holman, Natalie Keyser, and many up and coming models you will know by name soon! We are the only agency in Utah to have not only one, but nine models on Vogue covers. Please visit,