Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pulse Mgmt's Erin Cummins from Seattle in Miami. So amazing.

On her way to London to represent America in the Miss world. Your Welcome Cindy. You and your daughter have and are amazing!


Just want to say WOW!! You have been the best manager for my daughter. Erin signed a contract with you a little over 2 yrs ago and she has traveled the world. She is becoming a well known internationally model! She is making good money and hanging out with people like Leonardo DiCaprio. Erin is living her dream because of you!!! You now have her going to London representing USA to compete in the Miss World 2011. Seriously who does that!! You have worked very hard on her behalf in making things happen for her and I am very grateful! As a parent I want my daughter to be happy, successful, and not have to worry financially. This is becoming a reality and I could not be more thankful that words could never describe! One of the best things that has happened for Erin is being scouted by Lacy and signing on with you!!


You are the best and the best in the industry!!!

From a grateful mom,
Cindy Cummins

Dear Stacey,
I wanted to take the time out to send a little love and thanks to you and everyone at Pulse. I remember when I first went to your open casting in Seattle and after hearing the things you had to say about this industry really inspired me and that's when I knew I wanted that to be my career. Ever since then you have done so much for me with launching my modeling career and when you say your going to do something, you do it! I feel truly blessed to have met you and Lacey. I have came along way and none of it would of been possible without Pulse. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing at what you do. Keep on rockin!
Much love,
Erin Cummins