Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pulse MGMT's McKenzi Hendricks

Hey Stacey!

My experience with Pulse Model Management has been very positive!!!! Pulse is a great management agency and they really care about their models. My relationship with them has opened the doors to a whole new world of opportunity for me, and for so many other girls, i have either roomed with or know from around the world, literally!

If it weren’t for Pulse I would not be flying to Tokyo in two days or have been to South Korea or NY for months on end. I have fallen in love with traveling and meeting people from different parts of the world, and expressing myself through photography on so many different levels, and it is all because of Pulse.

Pulse is amazing but the guy that makes it all happen is Stacey Eastman. I met Stacey three and a half years ago and have loved him from day one. Stacey puts all his time and energy into making sure his girls have what is best for them and that they are happy. He has been a source of great support for me through thick and thin, I always know that if something is wrong I can turn to Stacey and he will help. He has always told me to stick to my morals. Yes, that could mean I will jobs because of it, but it shows integrity and character. I really appreciate that he wants me to stay true to myself and not change what I believe in, just to get further in the industry. I trust Stacey NO matter what and I know he always wants what is best for me, not necessarily what will make him more money.

I have built a strong friendship with Stacey, which is extremely important to me and rare in this industry as i have seen around the world. I have NEVER been just another girl. He is one of my closest friends in the industry and so much more than an agent. He is someone I would go out of my way to help in a heartbeat because that is what he has always done for me. PERIOD.

Thank you Stacey for seeing my potential, and for always looking out for me.

With Much Love,

McKenzi Hendricks

AKA Macster